I recently entered SilentRemasters – a competition to win the chance to compose and perform a score to a silent feature film and I’m happy to say, I won!

RUA_Poster-144x210People have often told me that my music might work well with the moving image, and Im a big fan of movies myself, so Im very pleased to have this opportunity, both as an enjoyable challenge in itself and as a possible gateway to further involvement in the cinema industry.

The version of Australian classic “Robbery Under Arms’ which Ive been assiged to score for SilentRemasters comes in at a sweet 72 mins long, so its been a big job to writing a lot of music, but a really great challenge.

Im just back from the Adelaide’s Mercury Cinema where I had a dress rehearsal for tomorrow’s performance which¬†worked out really well, I found the combination of the music and the beautiful black and white film to be really emotional at times.


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