1. Jewel Rich Batsford 2:43
  2. Sensawunda Rich Batsford 3:40
  3. Improvisation 5 Rich Batsford 4:56
  4. Who Knew Rich Batsford 2:57
  5. Everything and Nothing Rich Batsford 3:58
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Rich Batsford

Hello.  My aim as a musician is to create music that is simple, beautiful and easy to enjoy.

Many of my influences are classical, but I listen to contemporary music too, particularly downtempo electronica.

People mostly find my music is relaxing.  Sometimes, there is bittersweet joy, sometimes intensity, sometimes uplifting climax.  I hope you enjoy.

Beautiful Piano is a playlist I curate featuring one piece from all the best piano composers I come across including the better known such as Ludovico Einaudi, Yiruma, Nils Frahm, Max Richter and Ryuichi Sakamoto, alongside many more amazing, but as yet lesser known piano composers and a few pieces of my own.

The list is updated regularly and is great either to listen to or as background for work or study.


Watch Heart's Release




Cello Song

So Steve

Piano Illuminato (concert highlights)

Sheet Music

News & Updates

New Release: Il Dolce Far Niente

New Release: Dark Rose

Rich will be performing live again soon.



Rich is available to perform at festivals and events worldwide and also plays professionally around Adelaide, South Australia at weddings and functions.

For more info, contact Rich Direct on

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