These are all the tracks Ive released online from 2018 – 2020. They’ve already been streamed millions of time and are now available for the first time as an album download.  There are a few tracks for you to listen to below, but these are just a selection, there are nine tracks on the album altogether. To download the album in full please click here to download it from Bandcamp (a very user-friendly and artist-friendly platform).

Spotify users can click here and Apple Music Spotify users can click here to hear the music online.

  1. Fallen Rain Rich Batsford 2:45
  2. Whispered Winds Jesse Brown and Rich Batsford 2:29
  3. Ephemeral Rich Batsford 2:27
  4. Hearts Release Rich Batsford 2:35
  5. In Solitude Rich Batsford 3:14


Piano Solo

Release Date : December 15, 2020
Artist : Rich Batsford
Genre : ,