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Piano Illuminato – a unique fusion of sound and light

Im very excited to be working with Zero – a talented visual artist and member of the Illuminart team, on a new show to be presented during the Adelaide Fringe 2016. Between now and the performance on Feb 25th as part of a concert series called ‘One Night Only‘, we are creating an engaging, beautiful and uplifting...Continue reading

Silent Remasters – my debut feature film score

I recently entered SilentRemasters – a competition to win the chance to compose and perform a score to a silent feature film and I’m happy to say, I won! People have often told me that my music might work well with the moving image, and Im a big fan of movies myself, so Im very...Continue reading

Fringe Review of Classically Chilled Piano: ‘Outstanding Show’

Rich Batsford returns to the Adelaide Fringe Festival with new compositions and wonderfully melodic tunes of Ludovico Einaudi in a beautiful location. His music and love for the piano is inspiring and the tunes conjure a range of emotions and strong responses. The pieces speak strongly of love, gladness, reverence and tranquillity. Rich Batsford captivates...Continue reading
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