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Ethical integrity (or my attempts at it) are very important to my way of life, so I thought I would share this an excerpt from a letter to the Commonwealth Bank asking them to close my business account with them, and detailing the reasons why.

And finally, please take note that I am going to the trouble of closing my account with you, despite the efficiency of your service, your generosity in allowing me an overdraft facility and the courteous nature of your staff.  As important as these things are, theres one thing more important to me and those are my ethics.  

I have chosen to open an account with Bankmecu as they are the only Australian bank who seem willing to place their ethical integrity at the heart of their business model.  There’s more to life than our own comfort and well being, including our legacy for future generations and the way our actions impact on those who are presently less fortunate than ourselves economically, or worse, who face the dangers of persecution and oppression simply for attempting to live a normal life.  I have chosen for my bank, an organisation who I trust will ensure that no one profits from my business in such a way as to endanger another human being.

I hope you will consider these words and take all steps you can to ensure that in the future you need never lose any business due to concern about the ethical dimension of your work.  You are a powerful organistion and have the chance to create very positive change in our world.

Making this decision feels, good, I urge you to consider doing the same.

Warm wishes, Rich



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