I believe the key to us making progress as a society, as a species, as a world – is for us each to take full responsibility for that happening.

The first step towards taking responsibility for all, is to take full responsibility for oneself. That means letting go of excuses, false reliances and distractions and embracing personal development and positive change.

We have the ability to develop better mental states for ourselves that are not reliant on external conditions, through working directly on our own minds (meditation) as well indirectly through the arts and sciences.

By choosing to live as ethical as we can (by ethically I mean kindly and sustainably) we can not only help others but also have a very positive effect on our own experience.

Through reflection and study we can learn more about ourselves and about the nature of the universe which surrounds us and of which we are a unique and inextricable part.

Through friendship we can learn more about ourselves and others and give and receive the kind and loving support and encouragement which helps us all progress on our journey.

In these ways we are not only doing what we can to be kinder and happier on a local scale, but because we are such social animals and we are all fundamentally interconnected with each other and the environment that supports and sustains us, we are also helping us all make progress as a society, as a species and as a world.


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