These are all the tracks Ive released online as MettaForm in 2019 and 2020. They’ve already been streamed millions of time and are now available for the first time as an album download. ¬†There are a few tracks you can hear below, but these are just a selection, there are twelve tracks on the album altogether. To download the album in full please click here to download it from Bandcamp¬†(a very user-friendly and artist-friendly platform).

Spotify users can click here to go straight to the MettaForm artist profile and Apple Music users here.

  1. The Heart Has Its Reasons Rich Batsford / MettaForm 2:05
  2. Lumenary Rich Batsford / MettaForm 1:58
  3. Dark Rose Rich Batsford / MettaForm 1:48
  4. Sun Drift Rich Batsford / MettaForm 2:19



Release Date : December 15, 2020
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