It seems like there’s so much going on in the world at the moment – the Covid Pandemic, Black Lives Matter, the Climate Crisis and more, although looking back over the Twentieth Century its clear that wasnt one long picnic either.  But perhaps what matters most anyway, isnt the big picture, much as it rightly concerns us all, but our own lives and wellbeing and those with whom we are in direct contact.  We are all interconnected, so I think we can have confidence that everything we do will have some small ripple effect on the greater world around us, but its our own selves, and our daily actions and interactions where we can have the most effect.

Even here we can’t force postive change, but we can put ever more positive conditions in place in the context of our daily lives and I have confidence that what arises in the future, in dependence on those more positive conditions, will be better than what came before.

In that spirit, I offer Coalecence, my latest release, and I hope if you have the chance to listen to it, it provides a couple of minutes of peaceful and beautiful conditions for your spirit and soul and that what ever coalesces in your future is growthful, positive and enjoyable.


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