1. Improvisation 1 Rich Batsford 3:03
  2. Improvisation 5 Rich Batsford 4:56
  3. Improvisation 8 Rich Batsford 5:45
  4. Improvisation 10 Rich Batsford 7:15

People often talk about ‘getting the self out of the way’ in order to be spontaneous and let the creativity flow.  With this album I took the thinking and planning part of my brain out of the equation by playing completely ‘in the moment’ and recording as I played in real time.  The result, often surprising and very pleasing, is this collection of solo piano improvisations.

• “takes the listener to a place of creative freedom and spontaneity. The music is “rich” and very pleasant to listen to, revealing new things each time you listen” Mainly Piano

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In The Moment (piano improvisations)

Release Date : September 12, 2014
Artist : Rich Batsford
Genre : ,
Catalog ref. : MFLN003