The fascinating process of developing a structure for the 2008 Project X Presents event continued last night.

First we took the various different ideas we each wrote down at our previous meeting and having noted a reasonable amount of commonality between them, amalgamated them into one document, which had the interesting effect of setting the different thoughts into a five phase structure:


Then we took a further look at each phase fleshing them out with more ideas including some preliminary suggestions as to what might work where in terms of the music:




Finally we started looking still more closely at each phase, getting quite carried away with detail for the opening and suvdividing it into sections:


It’s all early days as yet, but a fascinating process and one which will hopefully continue to move forward quite quickly as we try evolve it as far in advance of the 2008 event as possible, although my personal involvement will be mostly by email from this point onwards due to my imminent trip to Australia.



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