Delighted to share the release of my new piano recording ‘Morning Mellows Memory’.
Im particularly happy with this piece. I chose it to submit to the Sonder House label to be part of the latest album in a compilation series called Recollections (this is Volume 3) being a fairly short and predominantly relaxing and reflective piece, knowing that this kind of style goes down well on Spotify. But I was also determined to really develop the piece from its original idea and try to pack as much musical interest into its short duration as possible. Im pleased with the result, because I feel that within its just over two minutes run time and between its gentle start and end, the piece includes a couple of nice climaxes and interesting harmonic turns. It almost feels like a much more substantial piece of music condensed down to its minimum and I think may well be the kind of piece that gives up more of itself the more you listen to it.
You can find the links below to listen, purchase or download this piece from all your favourite music platforms, so I hope you will take a listen and that you enjoy it as much as I do. As well, this huge release (it would have been called a double album on vinyl or CD), features over 40 established and emerging artists, including some of my favourite contemporary piano composers such as Jesse Brown, Ian Wong, Peter Cavallo, Dominique Charpentier, Christopher Dicker, Jonny Southard, Manuel Zito, Christina Higham and loads more to discover and enjoy.


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