In the Moment web res Well, dear friends, my album of solo piano improvisations called “In the Moment” is finally available to download and purchase on CD.

Artists often talk about “getting out of the way” of the creative process, so Ive taken that to its conclusion; by composing and recording in real time. I’m really pleased with the results, some people are saying its my best music yet. So, please do check it out, Id love to hear what you think.

Im channelling everything from Beethvoen and Schubert, through Debussy and Vaughan Williams, right up to Steve Reich, Philip Glass  and Ludovico Einaudi, but I hope the result is something unique thats enjoyable to listen to and if you have a moment to allow yourself to be immersed, will lead you on a strange and beautiful journey.

You can also listen to extracts and download from itunes, amazon or your other preferred retailer.


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