Time certainly flies doesnt it? It seems like just yesterday I was young boy, reading a SciFi comic dedicated to life in the far flung future of the year 2000 and wondering what the heck Id be doing when I grew up.

Of course in those days I spent a lot of time singing and playing the piano whereas now …

Anyhoo – Id love it if you fancy joining me to celebrate 40 years on lovely planet earth – we are meeting at 9pm, Sat Oct 24th at the Adam and Eve at the top of Bradford Street in Digbeth (thats B12 0JD Sat Nav fans, or where the 50bus turns left towards town if youre a Moseleyite or Heathen) – its a big red pub, you cant miss it.


Aside from a great opportunity to experience what my good friend Shu once delightfully and wisely referred to as “the limitless joy of human interaction” – (and drink beer), I’ll be playing some tunes with some special guests and there will also be a great live band – Free Control – (terrific grooves and vibe). Also a friend is going to do a few minutes of stand up for us which I guarantee will provide some big laughs (or Im really not doing my job properly).

And we have two of the best DJs you will find – Marc Reck and Mark Smallman – they’re both able to play a wide range of styles from the most chilled delights to the biggest dance floor fillers.

So if youre free, do please come along for 9pm as otherwise, you’ll miss some of the live entertainment – most probly me as I’ll very likely be up first! If you cant tho, no worries – the Adam is open til 4am and I fully expect to be propping up the bar until then.

Its an open invitation so do bring friends if you want to.

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