The arrival of of Drop Beats not Bombs at the reopening night of the Que Club has been hotly anticipated – the coming together of perhaps Birmingham’s best regarded club night, with what was once without doubt its best regarded venue.

Drop Beats is a consicientously motivated club night with genuine artistic aspirations and real heart, and The Q Club (as its now called) is an ex-Methodist Hall, a truly remarkable and (thankfully) listed building in Birmingham city Centre.

Thanks to its listed status the building has not been turned into yet another swathe of overpriced city living flats and retains its remarkable space and character.

Drop Beats Not Bombs 2007

Marc Reck had the honour of the first set, and although somewhat delayed and abbreviated, set an amazing standard for the rest to follow. A brilliant mix of breakbeat, drum and bass, showtunes, the Beach Boys and two of Marc Reck’s own tracks all selected and woven to follow a narrative structure which is a precursor to the set which will be closing the Project X Presents event on November 3rd.

Sadly the London Breakbeat Orchestra experienced some sound problems, but this meant I was able to catch the last few songs of gypsy/punk outfit Mamamatrix who by contrast have never sounded so good, with Daz Dolczech’s guitar really beefy and the rest of the players including Ann Jones’ virtuosic violin playing responding well.


The rest of the night featured a succession of great DJs with the atmosphere building as the place filled to capacity, additional performers such as stilt walkers, jugglers and even some errant cleaning ladies all doing their bit to ennervate and entertain an incredibly positive crowd.

Old Ladies



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