I had a lovely gig last night courtesy of Matt Hernandez who runs a great acoustic night at Cox’s Yard – a nice pub right on the riber Avon in the middle of Stratford.

Matt himself kicked things of with some beautifully played flamenco guitar and then I did my bit.  The crowd wasnt paying too much attention at first and there were noisy pool games off to the right, but as the set progressed the room started to gel.  I got some real nice comments from some audience members afterwards and sold some CDs on my usual “pay what you choose” basis.

A really young guy Jack Blackman played some fine Blues, then the excellent Chris Cleverly played some very beautiful songs with excellent guitar work and good, gentle voice.  Bruno Gallone contributed some cheerfully strummed English tunes, An American guy whos name Ive stupidly forgotten showed some real character in his music and finally Matt Woosey offered up a really engaging set that had my foot stamping thoughout whilst having also some very subtle moments, some great guitar and a really strong voice and committed performance.

A great night all in all – do check out some of the artists if you get the chance and for a great acoustic night – Cox’s has to be one of the best in the Midlands.

My feeling is that to really enjoy my music I have to let go of the idea that I must make it a career – which isnt to say I dont do it seriously, I do, but happiness comes easier when I treat it as a hobby I really enjoy and hope to grow.

Nights like last night do help – I had a great time and am looking forward to gigging more reguarly again in the future.  Thanks to Ant for the lift!


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