In a kind of blogging chain letter stylee, Im having a go at “Seven things you’d never need to know about me” after having been tagged by Clare Edwards, so maybe I should start with a Clare related answer:

1) Clare was at school with my Sister – they both went to King Edwards High School and I went to the male equivalent. Alternate years I was house cross country captain – the guy in the year above who was captain the other years is Neil Spragg – aka Birmingham techno legend Neil Sirreal.

2) I’ve lived within half a mile of the same spot for over thirty years and in my flat for thirteen years (having bought it from my Nanna). I used to visit my Nanna here and she took me for walks in Highbury Park in my pram when I was little. Many years later I pushed her around Highbury Park in her wheelchair.

3) When I do eventually move house again there’s a good chance it will be to the other side of the planet altogether with my Aussie partner Lyndall, although I first met her in a kitchen in Moseley.

4) I used to be an agent for a number of comics, including Rob Newman and I sometimes also got DJ gigs for Howard Marks who is every bit as lovely in person as the name Mr Nice implies.

5) I own a skirt. My default outfit for fancy dress parties is to go in drag and I once bought a cute little kilt style skirt thinking Lyndall would wear it too, but she never has so it now lives in my drawer.

6) I used to be a bit of an amateur philosopher, but now I’m looking for happiness, not answers.

7) I like jam.

And I’ll pass this onto:

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