Last night I was thinking about all the different selves I have, there are quite a few and they seem to operate quite independently.

There’s the one that sits here plugged into the computer, theres my work mind, my musical mind, the one I am when Im relating to my partner, or to my friends, my sexual side, my spiritual side and lord knows how many others when it comes down to it.

It sounds quite obvious to say now, but thinking last night it hit me almost as a revelation that I am actually all of those people, and all of those people are me. Too often in any given moment I am entirely caught up in one aspect of myself and so in a sense lost in in what I am doing or thinking. Sometimes I am dimly aware of the existence of these other selves, and I can find myself worrying about which is real or which is going to end up coming out on top.

What I am trying to do now is see myself in each of these personas. Within each one there must be some continuation, some essential self, someone who contains within himself all that and hopefully more.


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