During a lovely sunset beach walk with my partner yesterday I took the opportunity to talk over the future.

I suppose its inevitable that during some down time (Im keeping fairly busy during my time in Australia, but not as intensely as at home) that I should spend some time thinking about the future, but lately it seems to have been like its been an almost obsessive level of wonder and worry.

To sum up, I’m uncertain about what my career holds (stand up comedy, music, project X, sprituality, the arts, something else altogether?), uncertain about where to live (UK, Australia, Europe, or here and there) and uncertain about whether or not get serious about possibly starting a family.

The good news is that following our discussion and a good meditation this morning kicked off by a particularly apposite chapter of the book on Zen I’m reading I feel a renewed sense of positivity. I’ve thought through the various scenarios plenty enough to know what the situation is – its unclear – and that is just fine. In fact its quite exciting to think that depending how different things go over the next couple of years, my life could end up all sorts of different ways.

I don’t know who I am, or whats in store – and I like it.


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