It’s probably going to become fairly quickly apparent to readers of this blog that I’m not a religious person (in the usual sense of the word). Judged by what I understand to be the conventional meanings of the terms, I am agnostic, but leaning heavily towards the side of the atheist.

However I sincerely hope that no one reading this or any other of my writings will be offended by anything I say – these are only one person’s genuine attempts to make sense of his experience, and my intention is not to argue my point, or do down anyone else’s opinion, but to clarify and develop my own thoughts, and in the process, share them.

I feel that whenever I’ve taken the time to sit down and really discuss such issues with anyone, from whatever faith or lack of it, what I’m struck by most has always been the similarities of our viewpoints and experiences. The differences – which may seem extreme when categorised or described in certain ways turn out often to be more differences in language or culture than funadamentally contradictory views. I suspect we all have a lot more in common than most of us realise.

You may find me sometimes challenging conventional religious or philosophical notions, but I hope only ever to do so in a friendly spirit of enquiry, dislodging dogmatic beliefs where they are not grounded in thoughtful understanding and compassion, and seeking the common ground.



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