So what is this blog going to be all about?

I’ve got a number of motivations for doing it if I’m honest. A key part of it is that I’m trying to make it in some way as a musician and I hope that by getting my music out there and working on this site, people will be encouraged to listen to it and maybe even someday buy some of it, or come and hear me in concert – and that means that I can spend more time making music – either on my own, or working with some of the great musicians I’ve been lucky to meet.

The piano music I’ve written seems to have a quality that can touch people and transport them to a peaceful, yet passionate place.

But there’s more to it than that.

By sharing news about my efforts to establish myself as an individual, independent musician, I hope that other people may get some little bit of benefit from hearing about my experiences. It’s an exciting time to be a creative individual, but it’s a confusing and fast changing one too, so the more we can all share, the better for us all.

I’m also a major music fan and will be sharing thoughts and recommendations for other gigs and events, particularly those taking place in or around Birmingham.

I also want to share and promote my other work – I’m heavily involved in the exciting world of stand up comedy, I’m a member of a creative network that specialises in really exciting omnimedia event performances, and I sing in a Beach Boys and Four Seasons covers group.

And in my own way, I’m a bit of a thinker, scribbling down ideas late at night and trying to integrate them into some sort of a cohesive world view. Getting these thoughts out of my brain and onto paper helps me sleep at night, and getting from directly onto the internet, where they can be read by anyone, that actually feels quite satisfying.

But really, this is all after the fact rationalisation. The truth is, I don’t exactly know why I’m doing this, I just know that I am.

If I had a more specific goal in mind, then maybe I’d know more about what I’m going to write over the coming months and years, and in what kind of style. But after some reflection, I think the best I can do is to be as honest with you as I can bear to be and hope that you find something that resonates with you in some little way.

Write first, think later.

Lots of love,



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