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In The Moment – album of beautiful, meditative piano improvisations, out now

Well, dear friends, my album of solo piano improvisations called “In the Moment” is finally available to download and purchase on CD. Artists often talk about “getting out of the way” of the creative process, so Ive taken that to its conclusion; by composing and recording in real time. I’m really pleased with the results,...Continue reading

Meditative Improvisation on a theme by Steve Reich

As an artist I think its good to seize a moment of inspiration when it comes. A friend of posted this musical theme on facebook recently and I was curious to know what the theme would sound like, particularly as the friend in question writes and produces beautiful orchestral electronica. It turned out to be...Continue reading

Mindfulmess moves to the Melbourne Fringe

Following on from some really lovely and well attended performances of my Mindfulmess show at the Edinburgh Fringe, and with stops at Birmingham, Leeds and Bristol along the way, my next big stop is a series of three shows in the Melbourne Fringe. Im going to be playing in the delightful setting of the Melbourne...Continue reading

Picking a Musical Genre

Many musicians are pretty wary about puting their music in a pigeon hole and yet choosing a suitable label for your music is pretty much indispensible in terms of getting your music out there and helping it reach the ears of suitable listeners. Personally Im something of a reluctant marketer – I certainly dont want...Continue reading

Hard Work

It feels like I’m working hard at the moment. Of course that doesnt necessarily mean that Im doing more work than any other time, but it feels like heavy going. In fact, you could argue that Im hardly working at all – Im well ahead with my main work at the moment (as a booking...Continue reading
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