Coming up at the delightful Old Joint Stock Theatre this Wednesday we have two fine comedians each as always, performing a full unadulterated hour of well constructed and brilliant stand up comedy (no pressure guys).

Paul Sinha is a qualified GP and international stand up comic of many years standing, having performed in all major comedy clubs in the UK, as well as China, Auckland, Singapore, the Middle East, South Africa, Netherlands and Germany and on TV and Radio.

Paul’s second full length solo show “Saint or Sinha” received widespread critical acclaim at the 2006 Edinburgh Fringe Festival and was nominated for the if.comedy award (formerly the Perrier). His richly diverse background makes for a wealth of material to draw on – he’s Asian, gay, overwieght, a Doctor, and a massive football fan. His material engages with and moves way beyond these influences, into deeply personal and insightful territory offering a crystal clear view of the world he finds and expressing the frustration we all feel at not daring to fully confront it. You never get too lost in a Sinha annecdote tho, because theres always a brilliant funny punchline waiting around the corner to sucker punch you in the gut.

Pauls current show “King of the World” promises a unique take on life, death, binge drinking, trivia fanaticism, and finding redemption on the roulette tables of Las Vegas.

“He has a talent for weaving dissolute observations, satirical comment and knowing references into his coherent argument, making for intelligent comedy that’s accessible and genuinely, from-the-heart funny, not preachy nor wilfully elitist. This is what a good stand-up should be.”

Kerry Godliman is a fast rising star of the UK circuit having made something of a name in theatre and television. Her debut solo Edinburgh show is hotly anticipated. “This is not what I was expecting” sounds deeply reassuring, promising that “If you’ve ever been wrong footed by your expectations, if your life isn’t quite what you had in mind then come and be reassured you’re not alone. You’d never have thought that being disappointed could feel so good.”

Apologies to anyone who was looking forward to seeing Nick Doody on this bill – due to personal reasons he is not performing on this occasion, but will be back with us again soon.

18/6/2008 Old Joint Stock Theatre, 4 Temple Row West, B2 5NY, £10/£7 8pm 0121 200 0946
or book online here.

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