As it happens I first saw the movie Ferris Buellers Day Off quite recently which is a shame, cos its the sort of movie every young person should really get to see. Happily its still pretty funny and rewarding to watch as an adult.

Dan Willis saw it at a much younger age despite the film being inexplicably rated 15 in the UK and it had quite an effect on him. And why not, as teen flicks go its a fine source of advice on living in the moment and taking responsibility for your actions. Willis is a good strong club comic who has taken the initiative in performing at over a dozen international comedy festivals, building a following where he goes and living quite the jetset life. He has now performed this show – Ferris Buellers Way Of – at a few of them so the show is already very tight and should do well at the forthcoming Edinburgh Festival.

Afterwards we gave Dan a lift to the Best of the Fest Late Show where he did a storming five minute guest spot, Scottish comic Karen Dunbar did a wonderfully brash and larger than life performance and Gordern Southern was also on fine form.

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