Mark Watson sits in the audience at the start of his gig looking quietly innocuous if a little tense. At a signal from an usher, he explodes into life and what sounds like a stream of consciousness introduction to the show, setting an incredible pace and explaining the situation to the audience in great detail. This is the show and he will soon be taking the stage, which he helpfully explains all good comedians do at some point.

It isnt long into the show when in a nice moment of meta-thinking he comments on his own tendency to commentate continually on his experience. From my own experience I would think that this kind of mental hyperativity could easily end up spiralling off internally leading to an akward conversation silence, and Watson confirms that whilst its fine (it does work well for him) to talk this quickly onstage, it can cause trouble elsewhere. Thank god then for stand up comedy where an incessant mind thats probably bordering on a variety of conditions with snappy sounding three letter acronyms is a positive boon.

An hour at Watsonian hyper-speed flies by in entertaining style, which bodes well since next time we see him in Melbourne he may once again be performing continously for an amazing 24 hours as he was when we first saw him at the Edinburgh Festival in 2004.

Stand Up Comedy

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