You can see theres a bit of a buzz around Josh Thomas. He’s an engaging and clearly talented performer who most likely has a very successful future ahead of him.

Its difficult not to feel slightly agist watching him cos he’s still only 20 and looks it (if not younger) so his level of ability and confidence is all the more striking. Like so many young male comics before him, Josh talks a lot about being crap at talking to girls, although with looks and youth on his side, you cant imagine staying so inexperienced for long. At this age tho, and with the bemused look he conjures up when he ruffles his fair, he can play the naive ingenue with the best of them.

Its feels like fairly lightweight stuff and he struggles a little at times to contend with the conditions – a hot tent right next to a very noisy venue full of men in drag singing show tunes. More frequent and stronger punchlines wouldnt go amiss, but its good to see a comic, particularly a such a young one – more or less necessarily without a massive amount of life experiences to draw on – spinning some quite lengthy yarns about his personal life rather than just looking for obvious gags.

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