Rich Batsford at Acoustic Brew
As expected, Atticus turns out to be a lovely little bar and a cosy spot to enjoy some acoustic tunes in the evening. The gig was nicely run with sound man/compere Dale making an entertaining and helpful contribution.

I missed the name of the opening act but he had a good voice and some nicely kinda funky laid back songs, tho for me none of them stood out a great deal from one another.

I rejigged my set a little in the week. I was feeling that “Easier for Her” is a bit of a heavy way to start, so opened with “For Ali” which is much gentler in tone, followed by “Listen In” which builds the mood a little up to “Easier for Her”.

Towards the end of the set I felt that “Sucking Up” and “Who Knew” do belong close together, but despite both of them having some warm and positive moments, immediately together they were a little too instrospective and negative. I had the bright idea of putting my old favourite Brian Wilson cover “God Only Knows” inbetween them and it worked really well, warming the mood and getting a good response from the crowd which I then built on further with “Who Knew” and finally “Trip Diary.”

Im really pleased with the way the set flows now, and will probably stick with it for the next couple of vocal gigs – which are both likely to be for the lovely Acoustic Brew team at their other two venues Island Bar in Bham and Katie Fitszgeralds in Stourbridge.

Closing the show – experienced songwriter Ian Passey of Humdrum Express played some lively tunes with a real way with words evident in his lyrics.

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