Just came across another little review of my solo gig at the Old Joint Stock. Despite my best efforts I didn’t get any press in, so gawd bless the blogging community for these write ups!

This is from statistical genius, intellectual eco-warrior, uber culture vulture and friendly face about Moseley Dr Andy Pryke:

“Beautiful,Touching and Wise

Rich Batsford’s Gig at the Old Joint Stock was billed as his first, although he has previously performed in various other bands, and solo at the local Buddhist centre and Church!

The music was a mixture of Rich’s haunting piano instrumentals, touching songs about friends and relationships and some Beach Boys covers. You can download his first album (of instrumentals) for free!

Great gig, I just hope he records some of his other work soon, as I’d love to hear it all again. “

And just to answer his point about the billing, I called it my first full solo gig, in that it was the first time I performed what I consider to be a full concert on my lonesome, ie two forty five minute sets.



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