Although I’m yet to distribute any of my music in earnest, a few people have heard it via podcasts, CDR promos and myspace. Here’s a few of the kind remarks I’ve received so far, with thanks to all concerned.


    “excellent first album …. Steve Reichian music” Birmingham Post

    “somewhere between Esbjorn Svensson and Erik Satie, its very easy to enjoy.” Mixmaster Morris

    “Very meditative, very seductive ambient piano work” Robin Valk, Radio to Go

    “His listeners approach his music as a way of returning to a state of mind they seek, rather than as a background music for the chaos of ordinary life” Andrew Dubber – New Music Strategies

    “Fulfilling all of our Debussy (and Satie) dreams. Beautiful. . . just beautiful.” The Wondermints (core members of Brian Wilson’s band).

    Early recordings of “Namaste” and “Sensawunda” have been broadcast on over a dozen podcasts and internet based radio stations.

    “Introspective and meditative piano works, occupying broadly similar territory to Michael Nyman. The artist in question is also something of a thinker. Your standard Buddhist poet-philosopher.” Andrew Dubber – New Music Strategies

    “I played a track at the Big Chill Bar and about ten people came up and asked me what it was” Mixmaster Morris

    The most common word used to describe the music is “beautiful”, featuring an amazing 33 times in the first 230 Myspace comments

    “moving and full of complex textures, I love it” indie-eye MP3 and Podcast Magazine

    “he’s also in a Beach Boys covers band, and can play Brian Wilson on the piano, which ought to make him a strong candidate for a future Big Chill appearance! His own music is good too” Mixmaster Morris

    “I’ll put you in my ‘top-friends’, so I can visit your beautiful meditative piano music regularly”
    Johann Bakker – composer

    “there is definitely intensity in your pieces – an urgency that compels and creates energy.” Amy Valdez – singer/songwriter

    “Your “Namaste” inhabits the true spirit of the meaning of that word.” DJ Una Musica Brutal – Buddha Bar, Shisha Sound System

    “You need to send me an album when you’re done, I keep having to turn my computer on and find your profile to listen to songs I cant help needing to hear” Martin Plant – stand up comedian

    “a pleasure to hear such fine music. the place where you are, is where I want to be as a composer” Mario Aviles – classical pianist

    “your music touches my heart, my imagination and my spirit very deeply. it is SO beautiful” Anne Garner – singer/songwriter

    “Listen to all those key changes in Sensawunda, full of transient key signature goodness like aural homelessness. And what the mounting stormy clouds of so Steve, one humble note and then rush!!~ a whole cacophony of them, swarming together like nimbusi through my sad PC speakers, that much so that I want to take the tracks home to stereo, to feel bass and treble like you’re depressing the keys then and there. David Rauch – composer

    “Would love to hear your latest CD!” Jerry Boyd – Side B Music

    “You have some excellent soundscapes. Namaste is hauntingly beautiful.” Bill Nieporte – Film composer


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