Earlier today I was thinking about my plans for the rest of the day and the coming weeks and found myself thinking that I can relax when …

What I was thinking was that I would relax when I’ve booked the next season of comedy shows for the Comedy Central Club in Liverpool (one of my jobs). Then I realised how crazy this is. It could take a few weeks to finish this job – was I really not planning to relax until then?

Its easy to fall into these little “stress traps” but I know from past experience that I am likely to be able to a much better, focused job if I am relaxed when I work. Not after it, but during it and before. We shouldnt have to earn the right to relax – being calm doesnt mean being unproductive, in fact I find cracking on with work can be very relaxing.

At the end of the day I dont think theres any moment or activity that cant benefit from a calm and present mind, one thats not caught up in worrying about the future or about the possible results of your activity.


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