The first review of our recent Project X Presents event us up and can be found in its entirety on the Whats On in Brum site, along with some great pics.

On my performance:

“Pianist Richard Batsford mesmerised the audience with beautiful arpeggiated soundscapes reminiscent of Rick Wakeman’s later solo work.”

And this nice analogy on the nature of the Project X experience:

“Project X draws a crowd receptive to beauty from any background. As a member of the audience, you feel like a neuron in a collective brain. Indeed, every person I stopped to talk to was creatively active in some form or other, be it a gigging musician, club promoter, studying photographer or bedroom poet. Project X is the world wide web of synapses that connect these creative energies. The wires that criss and cross between minds and provide a platform for communal innovation.”

Birmingham Project X Presents Reviews

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