I debuted Chromazone – one of the bigger tunes from my new collection of piano music last night (see a video snippet of the performance here).

From early on the tune felt like it had a visual and cinematic feel and with that in mind I decided to dedicate it to my friend Leon Trimble who is a VJ (a performance artist who creates moving visual art) and an absolutely key member of our creative network Project X Presents.

Leon’s professional name is VJ Chromatouch which was an inspiration for the naming of the tune. We have already worked together several times – in the first PXP event he took a midi feed from the digital piano I had hired for the event and incorporated it into the visual feed, so I was effectively playing light as well as sound.

He now plans to build further on colour scale theory he devised for our forthcoming event on September 13 and by linking this with a “particle engine” he will create spontaneous imagery which will be projected via infre-red light on to some dancers choreographed specially for the music. Amazing. Check out his full post here including this image showing the way the colour code relates to the harmonic scale.

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Project X Presents

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