Great poem from Lyndall – heres a taster, but read the full (on) rant here.

the War on Terror (is it not just with ourselves?)
the War on Drugs,
off ya face, outa space.
binge drinking, what were we thinking?
NHS, Medicare, medicate.
numb this, numb that: Glaxo Smith & Klein.
test this, test that: GM.
animal experimentation, wrong direction.
UN, Big Ben,
smack, crack, tax.
over crowded prison cells.
Police State, don’t be late.
get up, get a job, get off!
bar this, bar that, barcode.
if they get your DNA runaway!
paedos, Speedos,
crime, grime, dope, Pope.
religion for the minion minded.
isn’t it time we banned the death penalty?
and the arms trade.
trade this, trade that, trade your fuckin soul.
hoodies don’t kill, guns do…


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