Enjoyable day to day – I had an engagement playing piano at a conference at the ICC (International Convention Centre) on behalf of those nice people at the LSC (Learning and Skills Council).

This was my first corporate style booking as a solo pianist (I’ve done quite a number as a member of Gidea Park) and I must say that I enjoyed it. In fact its probably the most time Ive spent sat playing the piano for a few weeks. I played all the tracks from my album, one or two others which I am thinking of turning into songs but which stand up pretty well as solo piano works, a couple of bits of other people’s music (Satie) and bravely, but with reasonable success, improvised a little as well – all in all playing more or less non-stop for an hour and a quarter.

Now I have a digital piano of my own I can play just about anywhere that has a plug socket available, and so I hope to be picking up more of this kind of work in the future. Another string to my bow as it were, and as other self-employed people will know, its a good idea to have a few different income streams as none can ever be completely relied upon.

If you’re looking for some mellow, melodic, contemporary piano music for your function, then do let me know!


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