Excited to share with you my new release! Its is a series of five Ambient Moments, each providing a musical snapshot of a quiet moment in time, evocative of those magical moments when you unexpectedly find yourself in one of the quiet, special places found in the odd corners of a city.

Ambient street sounds conjure that feeling of being alone amongst people, yet there is comfort in the beauty of these rich, harmonious sounds and the gentle whisperings of the crowd.

Originally I wrote these short piano pieces for a project from Adelaide based sound artist Jason Sweeney and the recordings you can hear here, are his remixes, using a wonderful lush palate of deep electronica, drenched in rich, dreamy reverb.

I hope that you can find the time listen to these Ambient Moments and they bring you a moment or two of stillness, restfulness and peace.

Many thanks to Max McMullin for the beautiful cover image.


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