My latest album is a new version of my first solo album of almost ten years ago, Valentine Court – a collection of piano solos leading from a gentle opening through beguiling and meditative territory to moments of powerful climax and resolution.

Entitled Valentine Court Recaught, this new version features a much improved piano sound and interestingly, the new recordings are much slower than the original ones.  I think the new toned down pacing allows for a much more relaxing listen and a much deeper experience of the emotions in the music.

Have a listen to the samples below and see what you think, there are links to take you through to itunes, google play, amazon and bandcamp if you would like to download the tracks.

Spotify users, please listen here, Apple Music users, please listen here.

Thanks for listening.

  1. Jewel Rich Batsford 2:43
  2. Sensawunda Rich Batsford 3:40
  3. Gudonya Rich Batsford 6:55
  4. Completion Rich Batsford 8:05

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