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Well, my news is that I am now living in beautiful Adelaide, Australia!

A couple of weeks ago, after delightful stays in both Sydney and Melbourne (where I played three shows in the Melbourne Fringe) I arrived in Adelaide, the fine South Australian city that is set to be home for the next few years at least.

In case you dont know, its a lovely, clean, spacious city with a rich cultural life, set between amazing beaches on one side and the Hills and wine country on the other.

Ive already done two great gigs here, both of which I’d highly recommend to any music fan: C.O.M.A. (Creative Original Music Adelaide) put on a well chosen and presented programme of interesting music at popular Adelaide venue The Wheatsheaf – I’ve never heard a more attentive audience in a pub venue in my life, you could have heard a pin drop in the quiet bits.

The Singing Gallery, out in the country of McLaren Vale is an old Church converted into a dedicated music venue by a lovely, friendly couple who have done a truly wonderful job of making it a welcoming and excellent place to play and appreciate music. Highly recommended to all.

Finally, I recently recorded a radio interview with Radio Adelaide, covering my Adelaide musical debut, and telling the story of how I got an Islamic vocal group a gig in Birmingham Cathedral! Listen here (my part begins about half way through the clip).

My next shows are going to be in the Adelade Fringe in February – more news on that soon, meanwhile, im settling and excitingly, have already written three new piano pieces, one of which, “Higher Desire” is a bit of an instant classic, its a real thrill to play.


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