Following on from some really lovely and well attended performances of my Mindfulmess show at the Edinburgh Fringe, and with stops at Birmingham, Leeds and Bristol along the way, my next big stop is a series of three shows in the Melbourne Fringe.

Im going to be playing in the delightful setting of the Melbourne Buddhist Centre which is located in Brunswick one of the city’s, funkiest and most intetersting suburbs, easily accessible on trams 1 and 8 (Stop: 122).

My shows in Edinburgh went really well, particularly following some solid hours of flyering, so hopefully we’ll find a similar interest in mindful and meditative music down under.

Im certainly getting a positive response from the local press – Get Shot Magazine recently described Mindfulmess (the album) as “rich, inward, passionate, personal and thoughtful music”.

The reviewer goes on to say “They (the songs) are about thinking about your place in the world, valuing who you are and what you have got – they are about finding self esteem. If you are feeling down – this album will lift you up.” and thats very much the aim of these concerts too. Yes theres a melancholy tone to some of the songs, but overall Im finding that the audience leave the show feeling touched, moved and uplifted.

Mindfulmess hit Melbourne on 2nd, 6th and 7th October – hope to see you there.


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