Im very excited to say (almost to nervous to practice today!) that next week see’s my debut music performance at the Edinburgh Fringe.

My show features a selection of the best pieces from my album of meditative solo piano music Valentine Court, with the main body of the show being taken from my Mindfulmess, my first album of songs.

Ive put together a show that flows along really nicely and with a couple of suitable piano pieces as an introduction, quickly settles into a section telling the story of my life and my spiritual journey, before winding up into a big, dramatic finish.

As well as being part of the Edinburgh Fringe, Im really pleased that my shows are also going to be a part of the Edinburgh Festival of Spirituality and Peace.

In combination, the various festivals on in Edinburgh during August make it the biggest Arts Festival on earth, which is pretty exciting, but also rather daunting in terms of being one very tiny fish in such a huge pond. Still, Im putting my little show out there and we’ll see what occurs!

If you or anyone you might know find yourself in Edinburgh on either the 7th or the 10th August, then come down to St John’s Church in Princes Street at 6pm and settle in for an hour of beautiful music and a glimpse into the highs and lows of my life in the last 20 years. Tickets £7/£5 in advance, and full show details are here.


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