Hi Folks

Im looking forward to playing some live dates again soon, its been a while.  My song album Mindfulmess gets its official release fairly soon and to celebrate Ive arranged a series of concerts around the UK.

Last year I launched the album with a concert at mac which went very well – not wanting to miss out on playing in Birmingham again this time around I’m going to be playing some highlights of that concert, as well as a new piece or two, at the Birmingham Buddhist Centre in a two part concert featuring wonderfully chilled Latin grooves from Trio Habanero.

My previous concerts at the Buddhist Centre in Birmingham have gone really well, so Im also going to be playing in quite a few other Buddhist Centres around the UK.  All of these concerts are open to the public, so if you fancy coming to hear me sing and play live then please do, they are friendly and easy going places and often have great rooms which are really well suited to my kind of music.

In particular Im excited to be playing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe – my first appearance at an international arts festival, but hopefully not my last.  If youre in Edinburgh, or thinking of going up there during the Fringe (which I can heartily recommend) then please do come along on either 7th or 10th August.

I’ll post up some more details soon, but for now, here’s a list of where Im playing, with links to the relevant venues – hope to see you there:

6/9/2012    Croydon Buddhist Centre
6/22/2012    Colchester Buddhist Centre
6/23/2012    Birmingham Buddhist Centre
6/30/2012    Brighton Buddhist Centre
7/21/2012    Ipswich Buddhist Centre
7/28/2012    Artrix, Bromsgrove
8/7/2012    Edinburgh Fringe – also part of the Festival of Spirituality and Peace
8/10/2012    Edinburgh Fringe – also part of the Festival of Spirituality and Peace
9/8/2012    Leeds Buddhist Centre
9/9/2012    ArtsFest Birmingham (tbc)
9/15/2012    Bristol Buddhist Centre


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