The dust has settled on another Gigbeth music festival and the blogging community have been doing a great job as usual in covering it.

First a big thanks to those kind enough to say some positive things about my set:

Firstly, Jon Bounds over at Birmingham Its Not Shit who’s post covers the gig I played in and his later forays into the rest of the Festival.

The 4Talent blog post focusses entirely on the gig I was apart of, which is understandable of course since they curated it. Like others they make reference to the fact that I seemed to get quite a few metal fans onboard!:

Rich Batsford settled into his seat to sooth our bleeping brains with his emotive classical piano compositions. Playing to a crowd of incredibly-attentive leather-clad metal fans added a hint of the surreal to his set of hypnotic melodies and powerful, booming chords, but this could not distract from the calibre of his musicianship. A brave choice for a festival crowd maybe, but a worthy stage for such artistic talent.

Finally, Julia Gilbert who very sweetly refers to me as “a hugely talented piano player and a thoroughly nice chap” raises the question of what sort of bill my piano music fits with best – she mentions that a Sunday afternoon at a gig like the Moseley Folk Festival would be a nice environment to hear the tunes. Stylistically I think I suited this gig better as my music isnt really folk (tho possibly a vocal set …) but an interesting point about the context.

There’s been a few round ups of posts about the Festival which you can find here, here and here. Combined they offer a great insight into the event, together making what blog-guru Pete Ashton refers to as a “collective memory”.

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