Greetings Citizens of the Future!

You are cordially invited to the one and only performance of our unique Project X Presents event

Digital Dystopia

Saturday, September 13th, 8pm
Tickets – £10

BUSK, Gough Street, Birmingham, B1 1HN

Concerned that the UK has more than 20% of the world’s CCTV Cameras? Worried for the wellbeing of a nation addicted to television? Concerned your bank details have just been sold on ebay? Come explore some Orwellian themes with us and see if things will turn out alright in the end.

Join us on this entertaining journey of music and spoken word, spread across three stages with you in the middle of it all, loving every second. The continual mix of exciting and beguiling sounds will combine with theatre performers, set designers, dancers, poets, stand ups and a whole team of VJs – each adding their unique style to the mix.

Some of the acts appearing are:

A frenetic concoction of Electro and BreakBeat executed with fearsome Punk Rock energy. SUBSOURCE are PUNKBREAKS. Subsource serve frenzied sermons of primeval beats and their live shows are controlled collisions of musical sub genres.
one of Birmingham biggest bands – a fantastic 8 piece fusion of ska, funk, reggae and all things good and all things Birmingham.
Reginald D Hunter
possibly the best and most challenging comic in the UK today – provocative, bold and piercingly perceptive. Triple Perrier Nominee.
Free Control
progressive trip hop
thunderous post rock
DJ Marc Reck
dex-efx-drums, eclectic and breaks
Rich Batsford
mesmeric piano
Lil Ms Vix Buzzfox
sleazy slinky rockabilly
Mixmaster Morris
big chill ambient supremo
Aa’shiq al Rasul
spiritually uplifting Qawwali masters
post-apocalyptic tribal fusion dance
Arc Vel

textured rhythmic organic electronica

Shana Tova
pure distilled alternative pop

experimental itchy beats

Iain Armstrong
VJ Chromatouch
Chromatouch visuals are dynamically exciting and visually tantalizing
and much, much more!
Here’s complete list of participants

Our smaller room offers a chilled selection of beats, bleeps, lounge and glitches and our Object X crew have produced a tantalising array of of weird and wonderful pieces to enjoy – interactive toys for the curious!

The venue, BUSK is a superb new venue in Birmingham City Centre (Gough St, near the Mailbox) plays host to this great new production – a carefully sequenced evening where many performers combine to present a seamless whole of sound, light and interaction

… an “omnimedia experience”.

You can buy your tickets right now online or by phone, or in person at Moseley’s Jibbering Records, or just rock up and get them on the door.

This event thrives on word of mouth, and no one gets paid – we do it all for the love – so please pass this email on to your friends – spread the joy!

You can find us on Facebook and Myspace if you’d like to be friends 🙂

Featured here are a few of the amazing acts taking part on Saturday 13th September from 8pm. For lots more information, do visit our shiny new website

Doors open at 8pm
Saturday September 13th
please arrive early to experience

the whole journey.

Big love

Project X Presents



Photography by Matt Murtagh, Katja Ogrin & Emma Lord

Birmingham Music Project X Presents