On Saturday I visited the Strax night at the Hare & Hounds.

Organised by top local VJ and all round visual guru Leon Trimble, it offerred a remarkable blend of music and visuals.

Its not that its uncommon to have both music and visuals together in the same event these days, but its the way its done that makes it interesting. In Project X Presents we have always striven to blend the two together in ways that are greater than the sum of the parts, but it has always been by getting musicians and VJs together and working collaboratively.

What Leon is bravely trying here is to select both the music and the visual elements himself on an ongoing basis. With little preparation (other than many years of working in both media) he is in the moment creating an experience which blends musical and visual samples and effects into a single medium.

This can make for a somewhat disjointed experience, which didnt well suit those what wanted a steady beat to dance to, but for those sat down and taking it in, much of it was very effective indeed.

He has a short set planned for the upcoming Project X Presents event on Sept 13 which should be interesting.

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