Ive been making and promoting music and comedy in Birmingham for a good while now – getting on for twenty years in fact, so I was pleased to get an email from local radio station BRMB this morning, referencing the fact that I blog about Birmingham related things.

Less exciting is the actual content:

“After coming across your Birmingham based blog I was wondering if you would consider writing a piece for BRMB Radio. BRMB has just launched a new motoring classifieds site, an alternative to Auto Trader called brmbmotors.co.uk.

This is becoming hugely success within the West Midlands area as it really has a local feel.

We would really like your support with this new service.


I’ll look forward to your reply.”

What do I know (or care) about cars? Not a lot.

Still, contact is contact, so I dont mean to be churlish. I’ll reply and see if the contact leads anywhere.


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