An exciting development! I’ve finally gotten around to listening properly to the recordings Marc Reck made of my solo concert at the Old Joint Stock Theatre in Birmingham in Sept 07 – and theyre not half bad.

Ive also got to grips with some nice easy to use audio editing software and the result is that I am now able to make public for the first time ever … (drum roll pls!) … a recording of one my songs. By which I mean a tune with vocals and lyrics as opposed to the piano instrumentals that comprise Valentine Court.

The track is “Sucking Up” – a gently melancholic number with – by my standards – some pretty nice lyrics on the theme of healing and self discovery. The end section should hopefully leave you with a warm feeling.

In celebration of my new musician page on Facebook, I’ve made the track available exclusively there, so please vsit my page and have a listen.

Well, I hope you enjoy it. Do feel free to let me know if you do.

big love


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