This engaging experience is the collabrative effort of a number of key members of the Adelaide area music/party scene operating under the name Circuitree.

Taking a not un Project X Presents like attitude to the concept of event management, the collective have gone to very considerable and creative effort to transform a space. They started off with a promising venue – an old church – and have added to it very considerably. Its a totally immersive environment containing a variety of painted art (ranging from smaller canvases to large wall hangings – many of them with a heavily psychedelic theme reflecting the groups origins in the Psy-trance scene) scupltures (many assembled from found or recycled materials) and lighting – all to a very high standard.

A couple of specific ideas I’m tempted to borrow for future Project X Presents events were the art works on the floor created by cutting shapes (these were inspired by crop circle designs) out of carpet – there’s something I find very appealing about creating art work for the floor out of materials that are specifically designed to be walked on. The other was some bunting style ceiling decorations made by the simple method of cutting out shapes from old material and sticking them to cord – particularly effective when hanging low enough to brush the face as you walk in the door.

The night we went was Circus themed and we saw a few acts in the quite quaint little theatre space in what is normally the chill out room – the young woman dancing with the big snake when we arrived being the clear highlight. Mostly tho there wasnt much happening, just a really beautifully designed space to relax and chat to people and we ended up staying pretty late.

Its great to meet other groups sharing much of the ethos of Project X – the main difference in approach is that these guys worked very hard indeed on creating the environment (hence the name of the project and the fact that it was listed in the visual arts section of the fringe program) whereas we have so far put more emphasis on creating the show. Inspiring stuff and theres lots more nights coming up in the remainder of the fringe if you want to experience it.


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