A nicely meditative sunday afternoon experience today taking place in a planetarium in Adelaide University.

Darren Curtis and Bradley Pitt of Sacred Resonance created this immersive experience with the stated intention of merging art, science and spirituality into one.

Part one married the planetarium’s beautiful representation of Australia’s night sky slowly rotating through the course of one night with very effective music composed using crystal bowls and based in part on research by Darren Curtis fusing frequency patterns of DNA into sound. I found this the most affecting part of the event, the rich sounds of the music changing slowly and providing a rich accompaniment to the gradually changing pattern of planets and stars.

The second part was more varied featuring some visuals specially adapted for the medium drawing on images from the Hubble telescope and music featuring both the actual sounds of the planets as recorded in space and some singing influenced by the Tibetan tradition whicl fully explores the harmonic overtones of the voice.

All in all an engaging experience combining a lot of different ideas into one. It was one of the most meditative experiences I’ve had for a while, outside of actual meditation itself.

Having already experienced work from Chromatouch – another pioneer of this medium – its clear that these artists are working on a very promising line of work that can offer a new layer of perspective to the audio/visual medium.


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