In a recent post mentioning a new podcast feauturing new music and comic stories from Mark Steadman, from Anthony Heron asked about Birmingham based podcasts, so I thought I’d pick up on that and see if I could could come up with a list.

Having kicked off above, next mention has to go to Brumcast by Little Chris. As luck would have it my track “Cello Song” is featured in the current edition – the 88th issue which carries the byline “experimental and avant-garde 2 hour special”. Little Chris must work really hard to have put this and the previous 87 shows together – its a great listen and a wonderful testament to the strength and variety of the local music scene. Why this man doesnt have his own radio show yet is a mystery and frankly, goes to show how pants most of our local radio is.

And speaking of radio shows – one time BRMB DJ Robin Valk produces an excellent podcast showcasing his passionate and in depth knowledge of the Midlands music scene in Radio To Go.

Local podcasting expert Phil Coyne announced just a few days ago that he is about to return to podcasting full time – good luck Phil.

Nick Treadwell’s Homegrown cast is a nice mix of music and spoken word which has been going regularly for some three years or so.

Podnosh is brought to you by Nick Booth, a “television and radio documentary maker turned social media doer, teacher and consultant”.

Another newcomer to the podcasting scene is Klunk who has recently produced the first in a series of collections of electronica.

ok I’m now resorting to Google for the remaining three:

Turns out the CBSO (crikey we’re lucky to live in a city with one of the worlds’s finest Symphony Orchestras) has a regular podcast featuring “an exclusive magazine show that will bring you CBSO news, features, interviews and a bit of backstage gossip”.

Via Birmingham Its Not Shit I find that Oxfam produce a podcast called 100 Birmingham Voices Against Poverty in which they record “messages from people in Birmingham who want to give their voice against poverty and make sure that world leaders take action”.

And finally The Grass Roots Channel is produced by Podnosh in collaboration with the Birmingham Community Empowerment Network offering “audio stories and ideas from people who’ve taken practical steps to build stronger neighbourhoods and happier communities”.

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