Following a successful test transmission earlier this week, I can now confirm with reasonable certainty that I will be performing one of my piano pieces in tonight’s Project X Presents event which takes place at Concrete (a newly expanded Boiler Room) 10pm til 4am and only £5 on the door.

Bearing in mind that here in Australia we are 10 1/2 hours ahead of UK time, I will be rocking up at the Electronic Music department at Adelaide University tomorrow morning, there to perform on a rather fine Steinway grand piano in a music studio. A live stereo recording and video feed will be transmitted via the university’s high speed internet connection through to the venue in Birmingham on, quite literally, the other side of the planet. There Leon Trimble aka VJ Chromatouch will mix my video stream in and DJ Marc Reck may also be dropping in some pre-recorded vocal samples in what would literally be an intercontinental duet!

As well as the advertised and aforementioned acts there are going to be some very exciting surprises in the line up for this event, and as with all Project X events so far, its all wrapped up into one lovely seamless experience that will relax you, engage you and excite you all in one – so do check it out if you possibly can.

Very many thanks to Christian Haines at Adelaide University for their assistance in making my participation in the event possible.

And special thanks also to Ant Ramm whose expertise and enthusiasm made it all possible at the Birmingham end.

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