Saturday evening saw me visit the Buddhist Centre in Moseley for a concert in which member of the Sangha (the community of people based around the centre) each performed for ten minutes or so.

As you might expect it was an eclectic mix, including some lovely flute solos written by followers of Fallun Gong, some Alan Bennet readings, a couple of songs (one by Finzi and another written by the performer in a style reminiscent of Herbert Howells (tho taking a Buddhist text as its subject rather than a Christian one). There was also a brave stab at a Beethoven piano sonata, a short but energising participatory Ceilidh in the yoga studio and I started and ended the evening with some piano pieces.

Birmingham Buddhist Centre

As you can see from this photo the shrine room at the centre is a beatiful room and also boasts a fine acoustic, I might do one last concert there on Nov 30th before heading to Australia a few days later.

From there via a flyer mission around the local pubs (its quite enjoyable flyering for Project X Presents – people do tend to ask about it and theres plenty you can say in return) to the Custard Factory for Rockfall.

Promoted in part by Marc Reck and Boogie Dave of Drop Beats not Bombs, Rockfall is my favourite Breakbeat night. It was a very enjoyable evening with a friendly atmosphere, some great visuals and naturally some great breaks. Thanks to the fluidity and natural, almost organic feel to the rhythm and the big involving build ups, good breakbeat is the only sort of music that regularly makes me want to dance, and thats what I spent a good part of the evening doing.


Birmingham Music

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