As I suspected, Saturday Night at The Queens turns out to be a lovely and well organised gig in pretty much every respect.

The size of the audience was a little disappointing (tho as closing act I have to take some responsibility for that, and a great many of my friends were either at a house warming in Bristol or at Boogie Dave’s birthday bash (Happy Birthday Dave!).

All the acts were warmly received by the audience who did attend with the slight exception of one chatty table who quitened a bit once Lyndall went over and sat by them pointedly!

Tony Wille

Tony Wille has a nice line in personal and reflective songs, with a rich voice which came out well through the excellent sound engineering.

Owen Niblock raised some good laughs with a mixture of song, comedy and daft poetry, and is worth seeing for the sight of a Stick Dulcimer being player with a dildo.

Owen Niblock

I got some good atmosphere going with my set and dammit if they didnt pay me as well.

This gig is not only clearly run for the love, but also very professionally – lets hope it long continues and sets a benchmark for quality little acoustic gigs in the area.


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